Friday, April 29, 2011

small step's small dog.

Lucky is the visitor to Small Step Farm who is greeted by two year-old Goldendoodle Ruby Power. Born on Easter Sunday 2009, Ruby serves as the chief canine executive in charge of...everything.

Her primary responsibilities on the farm include but are not limited to: sorting the compost buckets and overseeing the pile; barking at the Brothers' contractors, harvesting green beans and serving as Jillian's first mate and personal guard doodle.

In addition to her regular chores, Ruby enjoys digging holes big enough to fall into, running just for the heck of it and the companionship of a Jack Russel terrier named Romeo.

We can't wait for the doodle days of summer at Small Step.

Pet the doodle, high five the doodle, but please don't feed the doodle.

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