Thursday, April 28, 2011

suddenly spring

How about this rain?

The disc harrow was on the tractor and turning in the fields on Tuesday. One positive thing about sandy soil is that it drains quickly; however, the rain continues and we are waiting for a dry afternoon to prep beds and plant onions.

The heated greenhouse is presently overflowing with seedlings awaiting outdoor transplant.

The unheated hoophouse is planted with lettuce and cilantro, straw is down and the seedling trays are filling the free space.

All the tomatoes are in 4'' pots and growing for the space; they will fruit to the ceiling all summer long.

Microgreens continue to be sold at the East Warren Community Market, and the seedlings that will soon be for sale on the market's front porch are growing strong in 2'' soil blocks.

We have all your herbs, veggies and flowers!

The to-do list keeps growing and Jillian is really looking forward to Joe and Amanda getting back to the farm!

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