Monday, May 2, 2011

farmer's log: May 2

On Monday Jillian declared this the first week of "full-throttle farming."

Weather predictions indicate that the sun will be on sabbatical this week, but as they say, germination goes on.

Joe showed up over the weekend and together he and Jillian moved into the blue house just beyond the Small Step greenhouses.

The windows appear to be painted shut, but we don't anticipate a lot of time spent indoors this season anyway.

Joe has taken on a number of farm chores and has begun to question the structural integrity and load bearing abilities of "putt putt" the farm truck.

Putt putt is presently held together with spray foam insulation, duct tape, hopes and dreams.

With the exception of one faulty emergency brake almost roll-away incident at the dump last weekend, she's running like a champ.

We're completely out of seeding trays; why you ask? Because there is an overflowing lot of seedlings that need to be planted this week.

The first succession of lettuce will be planted in addition to onions, potatoes, scallions, fennel and cilantro. We'll be direct-seeding beets, carrots and salad mixes as well. Our compost from Vermont Compost Company just arrived; we have twenty-five yards and are wishing we had three times that but, whatever.

If you haven't already heard, Jillian can weld now. John Locker of the nearby Kingsbury Farm has been teaching her how to melt metal to metal; welding will surely prove a valuable skill at Small Step this summer.

Despite a few minor first degree-ish burns up and down both of her arms, Jillian has really enjoyed John's instruction and has learned so much about so much.

Already Jillian has taken a drop spreader box that Rob (our new farm intern!) built and welded a three-point hitch to it.

The new (old) tractor implement will spread amendments and fertilizer. Jillian also welded a similar three-point hitch to a lawn roller in addition to some row markers that will create defined beds in the fields.


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