Monday, June 6, 2011

field trip of dreams.

With just thirteen days left of school, students in Ms. Mormile's fourth grade class survived the bus ride from Williamstown Elementary School to spend a day learning about farms.

The rain held off all day, eliminating the need for that last minute purchase of fifty garbage bags/makeshift ponchos.

The fleet of fourth graders got to work straight on away; they stirrup hoed rows of artichokes, planted fruit trees and tasted a variety of fresh veggies.

Thanks to "Yestermorrow Josh," and Joe for their enthusiasm and help with the groups of excited WES students.

We got a lot accomplished on the farm thanks to the many helpful hands; we hope they learned about farming, food and had lots of fun in process.

Ms. Mormile is in the final stretch of the school year and Jillian just can't wait to have her part time at the farm this summer.

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