Monday, June 6, 2011

produce availability

Happy Summer!

The farm has been catching up during this past week, all our plantings are in!  Potatoes are up, onions are green and all other crops are really beginning to root down and grow.

The walk-in cooler is built, and should be up and running at the end of next week!  It will be kept stocked throughout the summer so you can come by on a non-delivery day and pick up any available goods of that week. 

This week:  scallion (bunch for $1.25), baby fennel (bunches of 12 for $4.00), cilantro (bunch for $1.25), frisee (head for $1.50, case for $30.00), limited supply of head lettuce (head for $1.50, case for $30.00). You can always mix frisee into a case of head lettuce.

Next week: all the above plus- young chard, young kale and flat leaf parsley.  Please have your orders in by Tuesday at noon for a Wednesday before noon delivery.  Please have your orders in Thursday at noon for a Friday before noon delivery.

We're putt-putting right along!

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