Friday, April 1, 2011

growing season underway

Seedlings are sprouting on our tables, on the heat mats and in our germination chamber.

We started with alliums, perennial herbs and flowers; then cilantro, scallions, head lettuce, and fennel that will be planted in the hoop house (a quick succession before we plant tomatoes!)

This week, we filled the greenhouse tables with our first succession of salad crops for the field; hopefully the snow will soon stop. The germination chamber is full of our 3/4'' soil blocks on heat mats with peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant!

Jillian has been spending time thinking about changes for the second season.

The farm will have a walk-in cooler this year! Insulation panels were "recovered" from a snow bank and an air conditioner and Coolbot were purchased.

Jillian now has three welding lessons under her belt, thanks to Jon over at Kingsbury Farm! Together they welded putt putt's bumper back on. In addition, Jon has guided Jillian through altering a drop spreader, the Oliver tractor's wheel spacing, and is now thinking cultivation implements and bed former!

As far as labor goes, Amanda is returning as our farm manager. Jillian's little bro Joe is coming on as an apprentice this season after a west coast stint farming and skiing for the past few years. A work-trade program has five wonderful individuals working five hours per week for a bountiful basket of veggies for their families. They will help plant, weed, greenhouse seed and keep the walk-in cooler stocked for all those chefs who need last minute veggies!

Also, when planning your summer gardens, keep in mind that we'll be selling seedlings (herbs, flowers and vegetables) at the East Warren Community Market.

This week you can enjoy our Microgreens! Found as garnish at The Green Cup, The Common Man and in 4-oz bags for sale at The East Warren Community Market. I personally love these succulent, nutrient-rich greens on sandwiches, eggs and mixed into salads. Each week there will be a mixture of color, flavor and shape; varieties include Red Cabbage, Amaranth, Yellow and Bulls Blood Beet, Mustards, Sorrel, and Arugula!

More posts to come as our crops continue to grow!

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