Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring is Here!

Small Step has certainly kept me busy! Both greenhouses are vibrant in color, and many plants are ready for the great outdoors. Vermont has had quite the mixture of weather, one week it is like Spring, the next like Autumn and then bamn- Snow Storm! This weekend- a balmy 75 degrees!

The soil has been amended with compost, raised beds have been formed, and planting has begun! The unheated hoophouse is being harvested of all the little seedlings that were planted on Easter day. We are eating poc choi, cilantro, lettuce, and soon radicchio, frisee, chervil, and fennel. The greenhouse tomatoes are just waiting to be planted!

Zachary has been out helping with the fields and continues with endless building projects, I am so grateful for his excitement about the business! Much of my time is still being spent planning the season, ordering equipment and supplies, and visiting family and friends (while I still can)! Irrigation is the number one priority, I now see how sandy these soils are- SANDY! Water will definitely be needed to grow strong productive vegetables.

Exciting News!

  • The Small Step Farm logo is finished- drawn by Krissy Leonard. All farm produce will be delivered to restaurants and retailers with logo attached. There have already been many requests for Small Step attire, so later this season we can all show off our T-shirts, hats and hoodies!

  • Small Step Seedlings are for sale at the East Warren Community Market. From herbs and lettuce to celery and tomatoes- any extra healthy, organically-grown seedlings will be available for your home garden.

  • Throughout the season there will be volunteer planting, weeding and harvesting days. Part of the vision of Small Step Farm is to play an integral part of our community and bring consumers closer to their foods. Anyone is welcome for any amount of time, there is work for any age and ability! This Sunday from 2-5pm will be our first planting date. Always weather depending, so if in question you can check our facebook page or call 802-999-2573.

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