Friday, April 2, 2010

All the winter's planning and research is quickly turning into Small Step's first season of growing! Greenhouse seeding, which began at the beginning of March, continues to be a weekly task. Germination has been just about perfect and all the seedlings look good and strong. The hoophouse has been filled with compost, and raised beds are neatly peaked into shape. With water soon hooked up to the frost-free hydrants and drip irrigation laid out, we will begin planting this hoophouse with the first seeds and transplants! Heirloom lettuces, pac choi, scallions, pearl onions, cilantro, basil and fennel are just waiting to be transported from the heated greenhouse into the warming earth of the hoophouse. It is 70 degrees F outside today and the fields are drying up. With our sandy soil I think the tractor might just get on the fields this Sunday! It is only April, but who could not get excited?

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