Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time to Grow Veggies!

The season is certainly here!  We have been fully enjoying this last month of warm weather.  I love the snow but the winter dreariness lasts too long for me.  The sun has been wonderful!  Rain recently came through and we started planting the raised beds.  And then, as it always happens in VT, the temperatures dropped!  The buds and flowers on the fruit and berry bushes seem okay and the transplanted hardy veggies are safe under row cover.  One more night of low temps expected and I bet we'll be in the clear.  That means there is A LOT of transplanting coming up quick!

Allyson and I are sharing the Small Step farmer responsibilities this year.  With our intern Rachel and our team of 20 work-traders the farm is going to be a happening place!

Early season seeding with Azre.
Pan and Narumi.  Azre's farm friends!

 If I'm not at the farm, I'm home enjoying this!

Head lettuce planted and seedlings hardening off.
Our seedlings will be set up for sale at the East Warren Community Market by this weekend.  Herbs, veggies, potato seed, and flowers!   Stop by and stock up for your garden.

Thanks to three school field trip the potatoes are all planted!  Twenty-four 200' beds this year-  Come on new potatoes!  The kale and chard, fennel, parsley, napa cabbage, and the first succession of head lettuces, radicchio, escarole and frisee are in the ground.  We started the asparagus, still hundreds to go!  This is our project for this week.  Onions, leeks and shallots are next.  The garlic is looking gorgeous!  We are not selling garlic this year but will be saving the seed to plant for a big crop next season.

Last week we hosted two class's from the Waitsfield Elementary School and this past Monday we had Ms. Mormiles 4th graders from Williamstown Elementary.  This is one of our favorite times on the farm, to have fun with all these crazy kids and watch them learn through being active outdoors.

At the end of the all-day field trip we circled up for questions and discussion time.  One of the 4th graders asked me what I did as a hobby or in my spare time.  I was stumped for a minute, then said that I spent a lot of time cooking in the kitchen.  But really, what do we do when we're not at the farm? hahaha!  Here Asa and I are with the rest of the Twombly clan at our home in Roxbury....doing what on this particular Sunday?  Prepping the garden of course!

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