Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Roxbury Home

Our hill farm is kind of an extension of Small Step.  We named it Viracocha Farm.  The name Viracocha comes from the Quechua of South America.  Referring to the human energy field, it signifies  farming in harmony with the subtle energy that composes all life and matter, or attuning to the life force of the plant, animal, or soil.  Studies show us that plants respond to stimuli including human emotions, thoughts, and  words.  In other words, they have intelligence.  Just as a plant or animal needs water, it also needs our positive engagement.  This is the fundamental principal of Viracocha.  Farming can be productive and enjoyable.  Everything should revolve around quality not quantity, diversity not mono-cropping.  Farming should not be a forceful struggle but a spiritual practice.  So far we are growing tomatoes in our hoop house, berries, shittake mushrooms, and a few laying hens. Year two includes finishing our 2nd hoop house (heated), preparing ground for more field crops, a few meat birds and a roots garden for storage.  Oh yeah, and a sauna if everything goes according to plan...  ~Asa

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