Wednesday, June 13, 2012

School Groups to the Farm!

Last  year we were lucky to be contacted by two school groups.  And they came back this year! 

The PTO (Pre-Tech) Program at Harwood High School came for 3 hours a day for almost two weeks!  They inoculated 100 logs with shitake mushroom spawn, transplanted the onions, put potato seed in the ground, and seeded grass!  This all happened back in early/mid May.  

And, thank you to a group of GMVS students doing their community service hours!  They came out  through the Mad River Valley Flood Relief to dig up Japanese Knotweed that had spread due to Irene!  

We're determined to get this plant in control and have been digging, pulling and cultivating it out of our fields.  Crop by crop we weed through the beds each week.  The perimeter of the property is being controlled via weed whacking, mowing and a variety of trials such as scrap pond liner to keep it down.  

Just this past Monday the Williamstown 4th graders came out to the farm!  40 fourth graders are such a blast to have around.  We mirrored our plan from last year by setting up for activity/work stations.  They were divided into 4 groups and rotated through the stations every 30 minutes.  All were excited, positive and asked lots of questions about everything they observed, took part in and reflected upon.  
The stations were: 1. Transplanting cucumbers into biodegradable black plastic  2. Making a rock garden/perennial herb bed  3. Greenhouse Seeding  4. Farm Tour/VT Snack/Questions

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