Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hurricane Irene came to Small Step

A tropical storm slowly crept its way to Vermont.  On August 28th this blast of weather named Irene blew across the central part of our state, and she certainly shook us up.  The past month has been quite a blur, much different from last season's work days of harvest, delivery and covering for frost.  Instead, applications for aid, e-mails and phone calls, debris cleanup, bull dozers, burn piles, and knotweed pulling has filled the time.  For the business, a hit was taken.  Between material loss, crop loss and cleanup there is over $100,000 in damage.  Overwhelming for a second-year business.  The community support continues to be a tremendous help.  Over 70 volunteers cleaned the fields with tractors, chainsaws and lots of muscle.  Over 20 people have been pulling Japanese Knotweed that is now sprouting across the fields.  I am so grateful for all of this. 

And now we decide how to move forward...
And not forget to enjoy the gorgeous foliage, sunshine and cool breeze we are blessed with.

Ned with his never-ending presence and help.

Lylee "harvesting" the squash of the week.

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