Wednesday, June 1, 2011

slow food, flash flood!

We hosted a Slow Food Event last Sunday, a couple dozen folks from the Burlington area and the Mad River Valley carpooled to have a farm tour, delicious food, and then a film at the Big Picture Theater.

It was wonderful to talk about the property, the business and remember that it is such a beautiful place...and it will be chuck full of food in no time!
Thank you to all that organized the event; we are excited to continue holding tours, dinners and festivities throughout the season.

Our fields are filling up! Transplants are rooting into our sandy soil and we patiently wait for all the direct seeded crops to germinate. Last Friday's micro burst of rain saturated and then flooded the farm; sections of the upper field, half of the lower field, and even the heated greenhouse had a fair amount of standing water (i.e up the ankles +). Now, for some site work of trenching and soil moving....

All-in-all it's fine, but I lost lots of salad mix, spinach, carrot, radish and beet seed. So, it was all seeded again today. We planted 200 asparagus and 50 raspberries in the sandy high corner of our back field; for trees, we've started with the pears and now we'll start the apples. Next in line will be cherries and plums!

The only thing left to plant is our black plastic crops: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, summer squashes and cucs! Next week! For now, I'm off Bar Harbor for a long weekend, because every farmer should vacation over Memorial Day right? Deep breathing, lots of yoga, and a necessity to regain sanity are the only to-do's...until I return! Thank you Joe for holding down the farm, And, thank you to all our work-traders who started this past week, So much help!

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